24 February 2017

During carnival, Eindhoven transforms into a giant carnival city. 


Concours Hippique Eindhoven

25 May 2017

Concours Hippique Eindhoven is a yearly horse show, known for its extremely strong and talented poule of international contestants, participating in …


Eindhoven Culinair

02 June 2017

A culinary hotspot in the very beautiful and very green Stadswandelpark in Eindhoven. Eindhoven Culinair is by far the most sociable, bubbly and fun …


The Flying Dutch

03 June 2017

The Flying Dutch first kicked off in 2015 as a unique dance event, hosted in three cities in the Netherlands at once (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and …


Park Hilaria

04 August 2017

Like so many things in Eindhoven, the funfair is done just a little differently to the rest of the country. First of all it's known as Park Hilaria, …


Lights route

18 September 2017

The 'lights route' has been around since the 1980s. In total, a 22 kilometres stretch of the city is lit up brightly and colourfully. 


Dutch Design week

21 October 2017

Dutch Design week is the biggest design event in the Netherlands, held annually in October. 


Glow festival

11 November 2017

The GLOW festival is a popular annual festival in Eindhoven that takes place in November. It started in 2006 and boasts half a million visitors every …